Rawiwan (Doctoral student), Bhargavi (Former doctoral student), and Morimoto have attended IS-Porto from 3 Sep to 6 Sep, 2023 @ Porto, Portugal. The official name of the conference is “8th International Symposium on Deformation Characteristics of Geomaterials (ISDCG2023)”, which is mainly about laboratory experiments with precise measurement system and micromechanics of soils. Actually many people from universities in Japan joined the conference. We enjoyed interesting discussions during the sessions and also lunch-time! We also explored beautiful, historical city of Porto before and after the conference. The presentation titles (Please click the title to see the conference paper) are below:

Liquefaction behaviour of aluminium and plastic rod assemblies using bi-axial apparatus with application of image analysis

Rawiwan Sukhumkitcharoen ; Junichi Koseki ; H. Kyokawa ; Masahide Otsubo

Comparative study on suction obtained using the membrane filter method from triaxial apparatus and pressure plate apparatus

Bhargavi Chowdepalli ; K. Watanabe

Linking sand permeability anisotropy to fabric anisotropy via numerical simulation

Tokio Morimoto ; C. O’Sullivan ; David M. G. Taborda