Hailong Wang

Project Associate Professor in Department of Civil Engineering/特任准教授(社会基盤学専攻)
Research Interests: Experimental study and method development on bentonite in the High level radioactive waste disposal, Carbon dioxide fixation and utilization of carbonate as a ground improvement material, Ground improvement of Chemical grouting with non-cement materials, Behaviors of form conditioned soil in shield tunneling, Geotechnical issues in offshore wind turbine farm


The University of Tokyo
137, 1F, Faculty of Engineering Building 1,
7-3-1, Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 113-8656, JAPAN
Telephone: Coming soon
Email: h.wang@civil.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp


  • PhD in The University of Tokyo in Japan, (10/2011-09/2014)
  • M.Eng in Southwest Jiaotong University in China, (09/2007-07/2010)
  • B.Eng in Shandong Jiaotong University in China, (09/2003-07/2007)

Work experience

01/04/2024 – present                 Project Associate Professor, The University of Tokyo, Japan

01/04/2020 – 31/03/2024         Associate Professor, Waseda University, Japan

01/04/2018 – 31/03/2020         Assistant Professor, Waseda University, Japan

01/04/2015 – 31/03/2018        Tokyo Regional Office, OYO Corporation, Japan

01/10/2014 – 31/03/2015        Project Researcher, The University of Tokyo, Japan

Selected Publications

  1. Wang, H. (in press) Pore water density in a saturated bentonite. Géotechnique.
  2. Wang, H., Ito, D., Shirakawabe, T., Ruan, K., and Komine, H. (2024) On swelling behaviors of a bentonite under different water contents. Géotechnique 74(1): 64-80.
  3. Ruan, K., Komine, H., Wang, H., Ito, D. and Gotoh, T. (2023) Experimental study on swelling pressure of low dry density compacted bentonites during saturation combining X-ray diffraction. Can. Geot. J. 60(4): 566-579.
  4. Wang, H., Yamamoto, Y., Kyokawa, H., Ito, D., and Komine, H. (2023) Water and soil particle movement in unsaturated bentonite with constrained and free swelling boundaries. Soils and Foundations 63(4): 101350
  5. 小峯 秀雄, 王 海龍, 龍原 毅, 園田 真帆, 村田 航大 (2023) 高レベル放射性廃棄物地層処分事業への土木技術者としての参画意欲育成のための教材開発と試験的実践. 土木学会論文集 79(7): 00857034
  6. Ito, D., Wang, H., and Komine, H. (2022) Hydraulic conductivity test system for compacted, 2-mm-thick bentonite specimens. Soils and Foundations 62: 101210.
  7. Ruan, K., Komine, H., Wang, H., and Ito, D. (2022) Experimental study of initial water content and specimen preparation method effects on Kunigel-V1 bentonite swelling pressures. Can. Geot. J.60(5): 731-748.
  8. Ruan, K., Wang, H., Komine, H., and Ito, D. (2022) Experimental Study for Temperature Effect on Swelling Pressures During Saturation of Bentonites. Soils and Foundations 62(6): 101245.
  9. Wang, H., Komine, H., and Gotoh, T. (2022) A swelling pressure cell for X-ray diffraction test. Géotechnique 72(8): 675-686.
  10. Wang, H., Ruan, K., Harasaki, S., and Komine, H. (2022) Effects of specimen thickness on apparent swelling pressure evolution of compacted bentonite. Soils and Foundations 62(1): 101099
  11. 伊藤 大知, 王 海龍, 小峯 秀雄「地層処分におけるベントナイト系緩衝材の膠結作用に伴う超長期的劣化を考慮した自己修復性評価手法の提案」地盤工学誌 70(4): 6-11. 2022.
  12. 原崎 智, 小峯 秀雄, 後藤 茂, 王 海龍, 伊藤 大知, 氏家 伸介, 成島 誠一「遠心分離による土質系材料「超重泥水」の処理システム設計に向けた実験的検討」土木学会論文集 C(地圏工学) 78(2): 128-139. 2022.
  13. 白河部 匠,王 海龍,諸留 章二,小峯 秀雄「ベントナイトに適用した陽イオン交換容量および浸出陽イオン量の各種測定方法の検討」地盤工学ジャーナル 17(1): 61-71. 2022.
  14. 王 海龍, 小峯 秀雄, 伊藤 大知, 後藤 隆弘「締固めたベントナイトの膨潤圧特性の究明に向けた X線回折を用いた実験手法の開発」地盤工学誌 69(1): 48-51. 2021.
  15. 白河部 匠, 王 海龍, 後藤 茂, 山本 修一, 小峯 秀雄「不飽和ベントナイトの水分移動特性に及ぼす温度履歴の影響評価」土木学会論文集 C (地圏工学) 77(2): 103-117. 2021.
  16. Wang, H., Koseki, J., and Nishimura, T. (2020) Water retention characteristics of iron ore fines. Can. Geot. J.57(9): 1427-1437.
  17. Wang, H., Shibue, T., and Komine, H. (2020) Hydration and dehydration of water of bentonite: A solid-state 1H magic-angle spinning NMR study. Chemical Physics 536: 110796.
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  23. Wang, H., Koseki, J., Sato, T., Chiaro, G., and TanTian, J. (2016) Effect of saturation on liquefaction resistance of iron ore fines and sandy soils. Soils and Foundations 56(4): 732-744.
  24. Wang, H., Sato, T., Koseki, J., Chiaro, G., and Tan Tian, J. (2016) A system to measure volume change of unsaturated soils in undrained cyclic triaxial tests. Geotechnical Testing Journal 39(4): 532-542.

Committee Memberships

Oct, 2023 – Present Scientific Editor, Journal of Rock Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering

Jun, 2023 – Present 委員, 地球環境問題の解決に向けた環境地盤工学分野の新たな展開に関する研究委員会, 地盤工学会

Apr, 2023 – Present 委員, 国際センター 留学生グループ, 土木学会

Jun, 2022 – Present 委員, 海洋・港湾の地盤工学の新展開に関する研究委員会, 地盤工学会

Mar, 2021 – Present 委員, 災害調査データ委員会, 地盤工学会

Jun, 2020 – May, 2023 Editorial Board Member, Soils and Foundations

Jun, 2017 – Jun, 2020 メンバー, 地盤調査規格・基準委員会 WG2ボーリング・サンプリング,地盤工学会

Professional Memberships

  • Japan Society of Civil Engineering
  • The Japanese Geotechnical Society


  • 2023.06: 2022 Soils and Foundations toral board member award
  • 2023.03: Japanese Geotechnical Society Kanto Branch Technology Award