Introduction / はじめに

Along with the enlargement of compaction machines and the development of construction technology with ICT, the high performance embankment structure and the improvement construction efficiency have been progressing. Recently, the embankment performance required by design and quality control of the embankment structure in the field are on the way to be associated. In addition, it has been found that the strength-deformation characteristics of the fill material compacted well with a large compaction energy such as a large compaction machine are superior to general values ​​used in specification design. However, most of the results of their strength and deformation characteristics used specimens prepared by compacting in a confined steel mold in a laboratory. There are few researches which were targeted for specimens retrieved from a filling ground compacted by roller vibration machine.


Estimation of the strength and deformation properties of a soil retrieved from embankment/ 盛土採取供試体の強度変形特性の定量化

Therefore, a test embankment was prepared using a small compaction machine in a steel vessel, and a triaxial compression test was conducted in order to compare the difference in strength-deformation characteristics between the test specimen retrieved from the test embankment and the laboratory fabrication test specimen. The test bank specimens were prepared by rolling in one layer so as to generate a density gradient in the vertical direction. The laboratory compacted specimen is a 5-layer specimen that is divided into 5 layers and compacted so as to be as homogeneous as possible.


Additional References

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